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Burnshield Premium Emergency Burncare Dressing 4 x 4 Inch

Burnshield Premium Emergency Burncare Dressing 4 x 4 Inch

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Burnshield takes advantage of the soothing and antimicrobial properties of all natural tea-tree oil and combines it with a perfectly viscous hydrogel to cool the wound and protect from infection.

Burnshield burn dressing can be used to treat all burns immediately, whether received from open flames, scalding from hot water, steam, gas, chemicals or electrical appliances.

When applied after a burn, Burnshield absorbs and dissipates heat, provides immediate relief, minimizes shock and skin damage, halts the burn process, and physically protects against further contamination.

It is easy to apply with a non-adhesive and easy to remove without further trauma to the patient, allowing for quick medical diagnosis.

The perfect tensile strength of the dressings withstands abuse, pulling, and shaping but allows the user to rip and reshape the dressing as desired to perfectly conform to tricky wounds.

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