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Mora Classic Knife #1
Morakniv Classic Knife #1 - Mora of Sweden
Morakniv Classic Knife #1 - Mora of Sweden

Morakniv Classic Knife #1 - Mora of Sweden

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The Morakniv™ Classic 1 Knife has been developed by Mora of Sweden for over a century, and has been utilized by generations of carpenters and wood carvers. The tradition can be explained by the knives – with their classic red wooden handle – being pleasant to work with and having just the right feel.

If you are looking for where it all started, this is it. This is a no frills, durable, sharp knife that includes a black plastic sheath. The Mora Knife Classic 1 Knife is small and light allowing it to fit just about anywhere.

The Morakniv™ Classic 1 is a reliable knife that has a given place among the tools of a handcrafter, as well as the outdoorsman. Also used to a great extent by carpenters, the Mora Classic Knife has a blade of carbon steel and a handle of red ochre birch.

* 98mm blade, 3.8"
* 200mm overall, 7.87"
* Blade Thickness, 2,0mm
* Net Weight, 0,784kg
* Carbon Steel Blade
* Manufacturer - Mora of Sweden
* Made in Sweden

History of Frosts Knife Manufacturing, K.J. Erickson and Mora of Sweden

There is more than 300 years experience behind today's modern Frosts knife factory. Knives were already being manufactured during the 17th century in and around the town of Mora, Sweden. Frosts Knivfabrik started more than 100 years ago by Erik Frost, an experienced knife smith in the village of Östnor outside of Mora. His "Mora knives" were soon widely acclaimed not only throughout Sweden, but also abroad. Success was quickly gained through their superior and outstanding sharpness and toughness. Mora, Sweden, the town where the famous Mora knives have been produced since the 1600’s, is now the location of a modern newly formed company, Mora of Sweden, representing the merger of Sweden’s two major knife manufacturers – K. J. Eriksson and Frosts Knife Manufacturing.

It is the 4th generation of knife smiths who now have carried on the traditions in a modern and well planned factory situated on the same site as that from the start in 1891. A clear leader in Scandinavia, Frosts has manufactured knives, which combine the skill of the knife smith with the latest technology and modern competitive manufacturing methods. With over 300 models of knives, Frosts has specialized lines to meet the needs of everyone.

Frosts has been recognized by the Swedish Quality Institute as "...a leader in attaining zero defect programs...combined with reliability, flexibility, and competitiveness..." If you are looking for a high quality, inexpensive knife, you simply cannot go wrong with a Frosts Mora or Mora of Sweden Knife.

Morakniv Classic Knife #1 - Mora of Sweden