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Compact Emergency Signal Mirror
Best Glide ASE Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror
Best Glide ASE Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror
Best Glide ASE Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror

Best Glide ASE Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror

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The Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror is a durable, compact metal signal mirror small enough to fit into your wallet, coin purse or pocket. They measure approximately 2.0" x 1.5", 2" x 3", or 3" x 5".

One of the most important aspects of quality survival gear is the ability to always have it with you. The Compact Emergency Signal Mirror is very compact. Second, it must be durable. This survival mirror will not crack like plastic mirrors. In an emergency, you can even sharpen the edge into a cutting instrument. Last, it must do its job. Our signal mirror is highly reflective and can even be used as a travel mirror.

To use this signal mirror, practice the following: First, reflect sunlight from the mirror onto your hand or some other nearby surface.

Second, hold the mirror up to your eye, extend your other arm and form a V with two fingers. This is a front aiming sight. Sight through the hole in the mirror with the reflection visible on your front aiming sight fingers (V). Compact Survival Signal Mirror

Third, place the mirror reflection and the target in the front sight (V). Do not obscure the reflection with your fingers you are placing on the target. Last, slowly move mirror back and forth. Continue sweeping the horizon even when there are no visible search and rescue craft. More instructions on rear of Compact Emergency Signal Mirror.

Why carry a signal mirror?  See below for more information on how a signal mirror can save your life.

With a flash that can be seen for up to 100 miles, the signal mirror has been called the most under rated survival tool in a survival kit.

Three men stranded on a frozen pinnacle of ice were rescued after a passing ship noticed a flash on the distant horizon - a flash from a signal mirror hanging from an unconscious man's neck. "Never underestimate the value of a signaling device." This of course includes a signal mirror.    

Military survival kits are required to include a signal mirror and all personnel are trained to use one. The majority of the general public possess only limited understanding of the value of a signal mirror and its ability to save lives.

The Signal Mirror is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor equipment you can add to your survival gear. Whether attracting the attention of another hunter or rescuer several ridge lines away or applying camouflage face paint, the Adventurer Compact Survival Mirror offers a small size and and inexpensive cost. You can even stick this one in your wallet.

Survival experts worldwide agree that no person should venture into the woods, travel off-road, board their boat or plane, or engage in any outdoor activity without a signal mirror and a whistle, two extremely necessary survival signaling devices.

Best results with the Adventurer Compact Signal Mirror are achieved when the air is clear and the sun is well above the horizon.

However, visible signal flashes can be created even on hazy or overcast days. Signal flashes can be seen even when you cannot see the aircraft, boat, or other means of rescue. So when signaling and no specific targets are in sight, be sure to continually sweep the horizon with the signal mirror to maximize your chances of being seen.

At night, flashlights, headlights, and moonlight can produce effective signals using your Compact Emergency Signal Mirror.

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  • Best Glide ASE Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror
    Best Glide ASE Compact Emergency Survival Signal Mirror