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Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)
Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)
Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)
Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)

Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)

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Please Note:  These are on Clearance with Expiration Date of 04/24 or later, that's August of 2024.

The Cyalume 12 Hour Snaplight, is designed to put out a moderate amount of light for a long time. It is best used for lighting a small area, or using many to light a large area, for safety. They are great for lighting up small spaces like vehicles or cockpits. Many Law Enforcement and Military use them to mark who is a "friendly" and who is not. The uses of for the Cyalume 12 Hour Snaplight are nearly infinite. This is the most popular lightstick because it is so versatile.

The 12 Hour Cyalume Snaplight is not as bright as the High Intensity Yellow Lightstick (30 MIN) and the Ultra High Intensity Orange (5 MIN), which are recommended for signaling, or anywhere a relatively bright light would be useful for a short time. However, the 12 Hour Snaplight lasts MUCH longer.

The Cyalume Corporation makes the best Chemical light sticks available. These emergency lights are Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and Weatherproof.

Cyalume Snaplights are perfect for aviation, marine, camping and survival applications. Government and private agencies have relied on Cyalume Technology for years to help them enhance accident prevention, water and wilderness survival.

These are NOT the same chemlights you see at the hardware store on the impulse buy aisle. These are the real thing. Once activated, the Cyalume chemical light stick, or Chemlight, produces reliable, potentially life saving light, for a predictable and dependable amount of time. You never have to worry that a Cyalume Lightstick will suddenly wink out on you at the last second like a flashlight would, and there's never a worry that a Cyalume Lightstick won't last, like a candle.

Since Cyalume SnapLights® are completely non-flammable, there's no risk of fire. Indeed, Cyalume Lightsticks never even become warm to the touch, yet provide 360 degrees of illumination, are wind and waterproof and are visible up to one mile. Best of all, Cyalume Lightsticks are manufactured in the U.S.A. to a high degree of product quality. Only the safest, environmentally friendly and highest-grade chemicals are used.

We currently offer the 12 Hour in Green, Red, Yellow. 

Cyalume Chemical Lightsticks...

* Cyalume Lightsticks are guaranteed leak proof, water proof, and are non-toxic.

* Chemlights are 100% reliable and maintenance-free with consistent light output.

* Chemlights are non electrical and don’t use batteries, bulbs or lenses.

* Cyalume Lightsticks will not generate heat or sparks and are non-flammable.

* Cyalume Lightsticks are safe, convenient, practical and maintenance-free.

* Cyalume Lightsticks are reliable in hazardous situations where life could be lost.

* Chemlights have a 4 year verifiable shelf life with a printed expiration date on package.

* Cyalume Lightsticks activate manually, on demand, in seconds.

* Cyalume Lightsticks emit 360 degree of bright, reliable light.

* Cyalume Lightsticks require no special storage requirements.

* Chemlights are fresh products made to order.

* Cyalume Lightsticks are made in the USA.

* Cyalume is an official supplier to US Government and issued National Stock Numbers (NSN).

Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)
Cyalume Snaplight- 12HR (Multiple Colors)