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Adventurer Emergency Survival Suture Kit

Best Glide ASE Emergency Survival Suture Kit

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The Emergency Survival Suture Kit is for those of us who wish to go one step beyond the items contained in an everyday first aid or survival kit. The Emergency Survival Suture Kit, which should only be used by those trained in how to suture wounds, is designed to close wounds in an emergency situation when medical help is far away. Because this emergency suture kit contains hospital grade medical gear, it is also perfectly suited for those medical professionals who wish to be ready for anything, anywhere, at any time. The Emergency Survival Suture Kit includes items such as high quality German Steel surgical tools, a selection of bandages, medicines, pain killers and a temporary tourniquet, used in doctor's offices or hospitals to temporarily slow blood flow in the extremities during a number of minor procedures. Because the Emergency Survival Suture Kit is contained in a compact Survival Suture Kit bag, it can be used as a supplement to just about any kit, or as a stand alone kit for more severe emergencies. Kit Size: 6" x 6.5" x 1.5" (approx) Kit Weight: 5.2 oz. You may also purchase the sutures separately to either include in this kit or use with your existing kit. See this same category. 

Survival Suture Kit contents: Surgical Scissors, 11cm, German Stainless Steel Slanted Mini Tweezers, 6.3cm, German Stainless Steel Needle Puller, 11cm, German Stainless Steel 4-0 Suture with 3/8, 19mm Cutting Needle 3-0 Suture with 3/8, 24mm Cutting Needle 2-0 Suture with 3/8, 26mm Cutting Needle Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes (3) Iodine Disinfectant Wipes (3) Triple Antibiotic Wound Treatment Ointment (3) Band Aids, 1" x 3", Cloth (3) Steri Strip/Butterfly Wound Closure Bandages (2) Gauze Pads, 2 x 2 (6) Cloth Tape, 1/2" x 5 yds Temporary Tourniquet (1) Nitrile Gloves (1 pair) Non Aspirin, 2 tablet packets (2) Aspirin, 2 tablet packets (2) NSF and FDA Approved 4" x 5" Aloksak Bag (1) Assembled in USA Survival Suture Kit Bag (black) (1) Note: Minor substitutions are sometimes made due to product availability. Training should be obtained prior to product use.