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ESEE Izula Arrowhead Wallet
ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet
ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet
ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet

ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet

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ESEE ® Knives and Randall Adventure Training make much more than just knives. Many of these items include fire starter kits, survival kits, the really neat Survival Arrowhead Wallet and more. Randall Adventure Training (RAT) and ESEE Knives make high quality survival and tactical gear that is used around the world. Their collection of knives includes those that are used by the U.S. Military and numerous other organizations that simply demand the best in their survival and tactical knife.  We are proud to have been partners with ESEE Knvies and Randall Adventure Training for years and we highly recommend their products.

The Izula ® Gear Arrowhead Wallet snugly holds two ESEE ® AH-1 Arrowheads (included) in two carrying trays that slip into two pockets in the wallet.  A third ESEE Arrowheadspocket allows the user to include cordage or wire for fastening the arrowheads onto a shaft. The wallet has a 1” webbing strap on the back for attaching it to other gear or a belt, and a paracord lanyard. Made in the USA from 500 denier Cordura, the wallet Dimensions are: 5-3 /4” x 4” open and 1-3 /4” x 4” closed. The Arrowhead is lightweight and stores in a small space. Lash the ESEE Survival Arrowhead to a branch or handle for use as a knife or a spear. Features include one piece double-edged 1095 carbon steel construction with black textured powder coat finish, and a lashing hole. The arrowhead is 2.5" in length overall.

Arrowheads like these can be a very valuable survival tool.  They are not just for hunting and self defense.  Because they are edged on both sides, they are great small cutting instruments that can come in handy for a number of survival related tasks.


Arrowhead Composition: Carbon Steel
Type: One Piece, Double Edged
Edge Type: Plain Edge
Accessory:  Lashing Hole
Color: Black Powder Coat Finish
Arrowhead Length: 2.5"
Wallet: 500 Denier (Made in USA)
Wallet Size: 1.75" x 4" (Closed)

ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet
ESEE IZULA Arrowhead Wallet