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First Aid Tool Kit

Best Glide ASE First Aid Tool Kit

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The Adventurer First Aid Tool Kit includes three of the most needed tools related to medical emergencies and survival first aid: a suture puller/clamp, small surgical scissors and compact tweezers. These high quality surgical and first aid tools, which are manufactured from German stainless steel, are durable, functionally better and stronger than lower quality recreational versions.

However, these tools which are designed primarily for surgical use are great for a number of things not directly related to first aid medical treatment. Many people use the locking suture pullers/clamps for holding fishing lures, removing hooks, holding sewing needles or tying flies. The surgical scissors, which are designed to be sharp and accurate, because they are compact, fit just about anywhere, ready for quick use.

In addition to their enhanced durability, the compact tweezers include a slanted tip, which makes them very useful for everything from removing insect stingers to extracting splinters to aiding in the removal of ticks. Of course, they are also perfectly suited for picking up very small items.

The Adventurer First Aid Tool Kit, by Best Glide ASE, is ready for duty in your survival supplies or kit, first aid kit, fishing tackle, pocket or vehicle. Even the most basic items can aid in saving lives in a survival situation.

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