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Fresnel Lens Survival Fire Starter

Best Glide ASE Fresnel Lens Fire Starter and Magnifier (Red)

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The Fresnel Lens Fire Starter is a great back up fire starter and will fit practically anywhere. Our Fresnel Lens Fire Starter is small, flat, light and inexpensive. Some practice is required and of course, one needs a sunny day for it to work. We do not recommend the Fresnel Lens as a primary fire starting tool, but as an addition to an already supplied kit. The Fresnel Lens Fire Starter, or Credit Card Magnifier, is so inexpensive why not carry a few just in case. The Fresnel Lens Fire Starter is more commonly known as a credit card magnifier. However, our version has 4 power magnification, much more than the 2X or 3X of standard credit card magnifiers, making it a great magnifier fire starter. The Fresnel Lens has been used for years in various applications, most notably the Light House Lens. Using a Fresnel Lens allows the light of the light house to be magnified numerous times and still be relatively small. It is a truly amazing invention. Our Fresnel Lens is made of optical pvc, is .4mm think and weighs 5.5 grams. In short, it is the size of a very thin credit card. The Fresnel Lens Fire Starter comes with a red or green protective case and can be purchased individually or in bulk at discount prices. We include the Fresnel Lens as standard equipment in several of our survival kits. Specifications: Size: 2" x 3.25" (lens) Size: 3.63" x 2.38" (case) Thickness: 0.4mm Weight: 5.5 grams Material: optical PVC Groove pitch: 0.2mm Focal length: 160mm Magnification: 4x Protective case: Yes (Best Glide Red or Adventurer Series Green) Uses: Numerous Order Code: WS1196 Call for bulk pricing.