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Grundig G8 Traveler II Radio
Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio
Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio
Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio
Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio

Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio

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The Grundig Traveler II Digital G8 AM/FM/LW Shortwave Radio with World Time and Auto Tuning Storage is a great radio for keeping informed of natural and man made disasters and emergencies around the globe. Larger than the Grundig Mini 400 Shortwave Radio, the Traveler II makes of for the slight increase in size by adding a boat load of extra features.  This small radio not only receives AM/FM bands but also the long distance Shortwave and Longwave bands.  Because it also includes a world clock and alarm features, there is no need to travel with any other radio.

Shortwave radio was initially thought to not be a reliable form of communication but over the years, we have found it to be just he opposite. Using a principal known as skywave or propagation, shortwave radio transmissions are broadcast then, using the earth's ionosphere, are bounced back to earth over incredibleGrundig Shortwave Radio distances. This means that these radios can communicate farther than VHF which relies on "line of sight" transmissions.

Shortwave transmissions actually curve with the shape of the earth which means one can literally talk, or listen, to the other side of the earth if the conditions are right. Because of this capability, shortwave radio broadcasts can not only send voice and music, but also play an integral part of long distance communication to ships and aircraft. These distances often cover remote areas out of reach of communication by wire. These are the same signals that one sees being used by amateur radio enthusiasts in the movies during disasters.

Grundig Traveler II G8 RadioLongwave transmissions are used across the globe for things like radio transmissions which broadcast time signals, military communication, navigational beacons, amateur and experimental radio staions and more.  Read more about the very interesting uses of Longwave Radio Communications on Wikipedia.  Search on "longwave".

The Grundig Traveler II Digital G8 Radio AM/FM/MW/LW and Shortwave Radio includes AM/FM/MW/LW and shortwave bands which easily located via the G8 digital tuner and digital display with digital frequency readout. Many other radios of this type rely on the old style "radio dial" which is very inaccurate, especially in a survival situation. As an added feature, the Grundig G8 Longwave and Shortwave Radio includes a world time display, sleep timer and alarm feature.

A 3.5mm headphone output jack allows you to listen without disturbing others and the FM and Shortwave telescopic antenna allows for great reception. The Internal Ferrite Bar Antenna for AM/MW/LW Reception also allows for the reception of distant AM bands.  A traditional telescopic antenna is included for FM/LW reception.  (Note:  LW is currently not in use in the United States.)

The Grundig G8 Traveler II Radio can be powered either by 3 AA batteries or by use of the (6v) DC input.


Owner's Manual
Warranty Card
Carrying Case


Size:  5.3” x 3.4” x 1”
Wt:  7.1 oz
AM/FM/MW/SW/LW Frequency Capable
Auto/Manual Tuning
Automatic Tuning Storage
Digital tuning with digital frequency readout (LCD)
Local Timer Setting and World Timer Setting
Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock (either radio or buzzer)
Key lock function
3.5 mm headphone output
Telescopic antenna for FM and LW reception
Internal ferrite bar antenna for AM/SW/MW reception
Power source: 3 AA batteries (not included) DC input (6V) (not included)
Includes: owner’s manual, warranty card, carrying case

Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio
Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio
Grundig G8 Traveler II Emergency Radio