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Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag
Best Glide ASE Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag
Best Glide ASE Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag

Best Glide ASE Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag

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The Best Glide ASE Heavy Duty Rescue Bag is a heavy duty plastic bag, in bright orange, that is perfectly designed for survival uses. The bright orange color helps a potential victim be located from the air or the ground, due to its extreme contrasting color to the surrounding terrain.

Because it is made from heavy duty plastic, it is impervious to wind and rain, keeping a potential victim dry. This bag is also designed to be cut and used to build a survival shelter or as a tool for gathering drinking water. From medical emergency to wilderness survival emergency, this Survival Rescue Bag has numerous lifesaving applications.

This bag is so strong that it can be used to catch game, be used as a litter for injured people, cover a survival shelter, use as a sail for a small boat, and be used for numerous other survival applications.

In a survival situation, it is imperative that a victim be sheltered from the elements.  Even if no injury has been sustained, the wind, rain and cold can have a severe effect on the physical well being and mental outlook of someone who is undergoing the stress of a survival situation.  Sheltering from those elements becomes a high priority after treating injuries and moving from a potentially dangerous location.

The Adventurer Heavy Duty Rescue Bag is an inexpensive way to prepare yourself for the unexpected.  We recommend having at least one of these when traveling far from home, in the wilderness or in areas where the need of rescue is a distinct possibility.

Did you know that often cold, wet and lost IS a survival situation?  The Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag is a basic piece of survival equipment that, in some cases, can prevent a survival situation from even becoming one.  If a person is warm, dry and lost is it still a survival situation?  Perhaps, but I would rather just be lost than cold, wet and lost.

Size:  Approximately 3 feet x 5 feet

Best Glide ASE Heavy Duty Survival Rescue Bag