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Military Glass Signal Mirrors
Best Glide ASE Military Glass Signal Mirror
Best Glide ASE Military Glass Signal Mirror

Best Glide ASE Military Glass Signal Mirror

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The Best Glide ASE Military Glass Signal Mirrors are Made in the USA and are a military approved and issued item. The major difference between this signal mirror and so many on the market today is that this signal mirror is made of high quality glass. This means its reflectivity is higher than Lexan or plastic versions.  We offer this high quality signal mirror in both 2" x 3" and 3" x 5" sizes with instructions printed on rear of the signal mirror.

The Best Glide ASE Military Grade Glass Signaling Mirrors are the Mark 3 Emergency Signal Mirrors MIL-M-18731E Type I (2 x 3) and Type II (3 x 5). The Type I (2 x 3) carries the designation NSN: 6350-01-455-6695 and the Type II (3 x 5) carries the designation NSN:6350-01-455-6671.

These military grade signal mirrors were designed for downed pilots and can be seen for miles. Their compact size and lanyard allow for a multitude of carrying options (i.e. pockets, packs, and around your neck).

With a flash that can be seen for up to 100 miles, the signal mirror has been called the most under rated survival tool in a survival kit.  Best results with the MIL-M-18371E, Military Glass Signal Mirror are achieved when the air is clear and the sun is well above the horizon. However, visible signal flashes can be created even on hazy or overcast days. Signal flashes can be seen even when you cannot see the aircraft, boat, or other means of rescue. So when signaling and no specific targets are in sight, be sure to continually sweep the horizon with the signal mirror to maximize your chances of being seen.  At night, flashlights, headlights, and moonlight can produce effective signals with your Military Glass Signal Mirror. 

Also, purchase our Best Glide ASE Signal Mirror Holders independently or part of a combo.

Approx Sizes: 2"x 3" x 1/4" and 3"x 5" x 1/4";

Approx Weights: 2 oz and 5.5 oz;

Best Glide ASE Military Glass Signal Mirror