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Military and Tactical Shemagh
Best Glide ASE Military Shemagh
Best Glide ASE Military Shemagh
Best Glide ASE Military Shemagh

Best Glide ASE Military Shemagh

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History of the Shemagh

The Shemagh
, also known as a keffiyeh, is classic desert head wear and is a versatile Middle Eastern head scarf popular with regular and special forces. The Shemagh, as it is commonly called, provides protection from sun, sand and wind. It is also useful as winter headgear and doubles as a useful sweat mop, dust wiper and field towel as required. In cold weather, it provides the warmth of a scarf.

For over 100 years, the Shemagh has been used overseas as protection against the elements.  However, as early as the 1980's, the Shemagh has been used as a fashion accessory, though often Shemaghs used for these uses are not as quality or as durable as the genuine article Shemagh sold here by Best Glide ASE.  Nevertheless, the Shemagh is used around the world and has even shown its usefulness as camouflage clothing for  U.S. Servicemen and Women.

The Shemagh has many names.  Because of its usefulness in all climates, though of mostly used in the extreme hot, extreme cold, dusty and windy areas of the world, the Shemagh is widely used in Middle Eastern Countries.  Because of this, numerous languages and regions use different names to describe the Shemagh.  Known as the keffiyeh, kufiya, ghutrah, hattah, mashadah, chafiye, cemedani and of course, the Shemagh, this is likely the most versatile piece of clothing available.

Shemagh Uses

The Shemagh is much more than a head cloth for a desert environment to protect the wearer from heat, sand and the elements.  It is a filter to breath through in a dust storm, emergency bandage material, fire starting tinder, a medical sling, cold weather head protector and camouflage to name just a few uses. In a dust storm, you must keep from inhaling foreign matter into your lungs.  In the extreme sun and heat, you must protect your head, face and neck.  In cold, a scarf can greatly assist you in retaining heat.  You won't find a more versatile piece of inexpensive survival equipment than the Shemagh.

The Shemagh is currently being used by U.S. and British Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan though many hunters and outdoors men and women use the Shemagh due to its warmth and versatility.  British Troops have been wearing them in the region since WWI.

Best Glide ASE offers the Shemagh in numerous color combinations. The size of our authentic Shemagh is approximately 42" x 42", has an approximate weight: of 6.3 oz. and is made of 100% cotton. Using cotton allows it to be breathable so that you may cover your nose and mouth with comfort.  Our Shemaghs are the genuine article imported from Pakistan and are woven instead of printed.  Printed cheaper versions are often offered by other companies to increase profits. Beware of versions made in China for this reason.

Care of your Authentic Shemagh

Care should be taken when washing any genuine Shemagh.  Cold water should be used and the Shemagh should be allowed be drip dried or dried on low or no heat.  Because of the use of 100% cotton, high heat may cause the Shemagh to shrink.  The Shemagh will become softer and even more comfortable with each washing.  With proper care, your authentic Shemagh will last for years and provide protection and comfort.

Best Glide ASE Military Shemagh
Best Glide ASE Military Shemagh