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Mountain House 72 Hour Emergency Food

Mountain House - 72 Hour Emergency Kit

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The Mountain House 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit is designed specifically for those times when things aren't going so well. It is perfectly suited for wilderness survival, disaster recovery or simply, just in case. The entrees are smaller, usually 10 oz each. This is due to the need for a longer lasting kit, without making the kit too large or expensive. However, the Mountain House 72 Hour Emergency Kit is amazingly well stocked. It comes with the following entrees: (1) Beef Stroganoff, (1) Chicken Teriyaki, (1) Chili Mac w/Beef, (1) Rice and Chicken, (1) Pasta Primavera and (1) Sweet and Sour Pork w/Rice. It also includes the following Breakfast and Vegetable dishes: Granola w/ Blueberries and Milk, Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon, Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham and Peppers, Garden Green Peas, Whole Kernel Corn and Cut Green Beans. Each pouch is a single serving pouch. Total weight is about 6 lbs. More on Shelf Life We take pride in the shelf life of Mountain House freeze dried foods. Our 40-year history of using top-quality ingredients, the highest processing standards, and premium packaging materials allows for a shelf life that is unmatched. One unique advantage Mountain House has over our competitors is that our entrees (such as beef stew, rice pilaf or prepared eggs) are freshly cooked in our facilities, benefiting both taste and shelf life. We invite you to compare. Our Mountain House inventory is consistently replenished in less than four months, thus ensuring a long shelf life remains when it leaves our doors. The rest is up to you: store your Mountain House Freeze Dried Emergency Food under dry, sanitary conditions, without prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and avoiding any environment that could cause damage to the packaging, such as punctures, dents, or rust. Simply follow these storage tips and you will have emergency food when you need it. Based on storage studies over several years, in 2006 the shelf life of Mountain House foods was increased by an impressive 40%, from 5 years to 7 years! That’s right -- our shelf life is at least 7 years from the date of manufacture as long as the pouch is stored unopened in a cool area. After 7 years a change in flavor and appearance may be noticed. For best results, avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 75° F (24° C). *Mountain House Freeze Dried Ice cream products and Organic Fruit Snacks have a 2-year shelf life.