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Photon Freedom Micro Light LED - LRI Industries

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Photon Micro-Lights, including the top of the line Freedom Micro Light, are approximately the size and weight of a US quarter. The Freedom Photon Micro Light, and all Photon Micro Lights, feature the brightest LEDs in the world and smart-circuitry.

The Freedom Photon Micro Light has innovative full range adjustable brightness. Unlike other micro lights, the Freedom micro light has adjustable intensity with the simple press of a button. All it takes is a simple squeeze of the button to give you instant full power illumination at any time. To dim the Photon Freedom Micro Light, simply press and hold the button. Pressing and holding the button when the light is already off will turn it on at the lowest level and allow you to gradually increase the brightness to give you just the amount of light you need. This allows you to set the intensity of your Photon Microlight without disturbing your night vision. When needed, the four safety strobe functions (fast, medium, slow, & SOS) can be accessed by continuing to hold the button down. Simply release the button when you reach the desired Micro Light beacon mode.

An additional "signaling" mode can be accessed on the Photon Freedom Micro Light by tapping the button several times in rapid succession. When in the signaling mode, the Freedom Micro Light will behave in a squeeze only mode, the light turning on only while the button is pressed and off when it is released.

The Photon Freedom Micro is truly the easiest-to-use, most powerful, full-featured micro light available, is nearly indestructible and backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry. The Photon Freedom Micro is simply the best micro-light available, at any price. Each Freedom Photon Micro Light comes with a Free Photon Clip and Necklace.

More Freedom Photon Micro Light Features *Simple single-button operation -- Easy operation even with gloves. - Instant full power on/off at any time - Full range brightness control. - 5 Safety modes: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS - Morse Code. - Signal / Morse Code mode (Also useful to prevent accidental turn-on) * Burn Time -- 12 - 100+ Hours Depending on mode use. * Photon Light Quick Release Ring -- Reliably attaches to gear for quick release. * Easy Battery Replacement -- Lithium batteries provide long lasting service. - Batteries -- Lithium, two CR2016 or one CR2032 - depends on LED color * Water Resistant -- The most water resistant Photon Micro Light yet. * Glass Filled Polyurethane Case -- The Photon Freedom is virtually indestructible. * 24K Gold Plated Contacts -- Providing superior corrosion resistance. * Micro-Size -- Hides under a quarter. Weighs under 7 grams without ring. * Brightest LED's Available -- Photon Micro Light Ultra-Bright Light Emitting Diode * Visible for over 1 mile! * Guaranteed If your Freedom Micro Light ever fails for any reason, other than abuse or battery expiration, return it for a free repair or replacement.