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6AAA Battery Holder

Powerpax Slim Line 6 AAA Battery Caddy

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The Slim Line 6 AAA Battery Holder is perfect for people on the go who will not need more than 6 AAA Battery replacements at a time. The Powerpax Battery Holder is slim and easily fits in just about any pocket. It is perfect for music players, two way radios, flashlights, fish finders, the SPOT Locator Beacon and anything that requires AAA size batteries. We highly recommend a Powerpax Battery Carrier for all survival equipment to include survival strobe lights, epirb and personal locator beacons.


* Holds (6) AAA Batteries firmly
* Comes in highly visible orange or yellow
* Holds disposable and rechargeable batteries
* Unique locking mechanism
* Slim Line Design fits anywhere to include your car, boat or home

The Powerpax Battery Caddy finally solves the problem of how to conveniently store your batteries in a compact and easy to find holder. This Battery Caddy was originally designed for pilots, but is also great for camping, boating, travel or at home use. The Powerpax Battery Caddy dispenses batteries with one hand for safety and convenience, provides all important terminal protection at both ends and is made of high quality engineered plastic.

When we saw this one, we knew we had to offer it to our customers. It is simple yet efficient and inexpensive. The Battery Caddy lets you store your rechargeable or disposable batteries in a compact and easy to find holder which features a unique locking design that holds your batteries firmly in place.  Best Glide offers the Powerpax in numerous versions and several colors.

The Powerpax Battery Holder complies with all Department of Transportation Airline Regulations and is Made in the USA!  Best Glide ASE offers the Battery Caddy in AA battery size holders and AAA size battery holders as well as the very popular Powerpax Combo holders, which allow for the secure storage of multiple size batteries in one convenient battery holder.