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 Silva 610 Forecaster Compass

Silva 610 Forecaster Compass

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The Silva Forecaster Compass is the perfect compass to always have with you. It includes a ring for easy attachment to your jacket, pack or even key chain. What good is a compass if you don't have it with you?

The idea of Silva compass was born in the 1930's in Sweden, its country of origin. Since 1946, Silva has been available in the United States to Explorers, Survivalists, Military, Law Enforcement and Adventurers. Because of the long history of accuracy, dependability and ease of use, Silva has come to be known as the compass to have in just about any situation.

The Silva Forecaster 610 Compass combines an accurate compass and thermometer in a handy size. The Silva Forecaster works as a key chain or zipper pull but due to its integral attachment ring, can also be attached to a pack, belt loop, bug out bag, camping equipment or just about anywhere else.

A fixed dial with 5° graduations gives direction for both sport and survival. A wind chill table, mounted on the back, in conjunction with the thermometer on the front, tells you how cold it is and how cold it feels.

Why even carry a compass?

In a survival situation, a compass is a must have item. Of course, it is always best to stay in one place if searchers are looking for you and it is safe to do so. However, if you must move, you must know which direction you are going. Equally important is the ability to walk in one direction without walking a circle and ending up back where you started.

Valuable time has been wasted by a victim of a survival situation simply because they did not have the ability to walk a straight line. A Silva Compass is perfectly suited for both survival and recreation. They are dependable, durable and most importantly, do what they are designed to do; keep you going in the correct direction.

Silva Forecaster 610 Compass Features

5° graduations
Liquid filled capsule (keeps the needle steady while moving)
Non-Magnetic brass attachment ring
Alcohol based thermometer reads °F and °C
Windchill chart imprint on back