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Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper - Titanium

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The Sliver Gripper Ti, or Titanium, is the only U.S. Made Titanium Tweezer. Consumers already know of the high quality and large number of uses for the original Sliver Gripper but now, we welcome the Premium Ti Titanium Sliver Gripper which adds even more quality increasing traits to this amazing everyday, medical and survival tool.

Both the tweezer and the key chain clip are made from pure Grade 1 Titanium, which has the highest content of Titanium (99.6%) of any Titanium grade. This makes the Sliver Gripper Ti 45% lighter than steel yet still equal in strength.

Overall, this is the best tweezer we have encountered for survival and extreme use. The Titanium Sliver Gripper offers exceptional strength, toughness and durability. It is able to withstand extremes of both high and low temperatures and is extremely corrosion resistant. The Sliver Gripper Ti is non magnetic and made from metal that is considered to be the most biologically compatible and environmentally friendly of all metals.

Best Glide ASE is proud to be one of only twenty businesses approved to sell this item to the general public.