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SteamVita Survial Steamer
SteamVita Food Steaming System
SteamVita Food Steaming System
SteamVita Food Steaming System
SteamVita Food Steaming System

SteamVita Food Steaming System

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SteamVita units are excellent additions to emergency preparation gear, as well as safety gear when hiking, camping, boating, or when engaging in activities where one could get lost, stranded, injured, or disabled in remote locations. SteamVita's versatile construction provides numerous survival enhancing abilities.

-- Due to its polished stainless steel surface, it is highly reflective enabling the SteamVita to be used as an emergency secondary signaling device
-- Because is perfectly suited to boil water, and in fact designed to do so, it can be a great water purifier
-- It can convert snow into drinking water and also enables heat and energy to be produced due to its steam capabilities
-- Can be used to store dry goods in due to its highly dependable and durable construction
-- Can be prepacked with firestarting devices, as well as other emergency gear and medical supplies, making it a portable emergency kit
-- Can be used to field sterilize instruments, dressing, knives, medical equipment and utensils

This versatile steam cooker has been drawing a lot of attention in the emergency and survival markets due to its compact size (2 of our 3 sizes are smaller than a sheet of paper) and unique bracing system which allows SteamVita to be used as a secure carry case for emergency supplies even while serving its primary purpose as a water sterilizer and very efficient food cooker.  

SteamVita was developed by Army personnel to address the needs raised by the nature of their service and life style. 

Steam is generated when water reaches a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam heat is a non invasive and moisture based method of cooking that guarantees a safe, sterile and wholesome meal. Steam is 6x more powerful than boiling water for cooking, and steaming allows food to keep more nutrients than if they are boiled. As steaming uses no oil, butter, or fat in the cooking process it is also a healthy way to cook.

The stainless steel SteamVita system employs a series of precision manufactured, snug fitting, stackable food chambers that nest on top of a steam generating chamber filled with up to one inch of water /liquid. The upper food chambers, topped by a steam trapping lid, receive sterile steam heat from the lower water chamber when applied to a heat source.

The SteamVita nested food and steam chambers are designed to fit well together to maximize heat efficiency, but allow for enough steam loss to safely eliminate the threat of excessive pressure build up. The unit simply produces steam heat, which rises from the water chamber through highly refined holes in the bottoms of each element to evenly permeate and rapidly cook the food content in the upper chambers evenly.

All SteamVita units come with a snap down, stainless steel tension strapping system that secures the chambers as a single unit to increase heat efficiency during the food preparation process, while also providing a stable handle for carrying, transportation and storage.

SteamVita food steaming systems come in a variety of sizes, allowing consumers to select SteamVita food steaming systems that can cook food and meals for one to twelve people at a time. Each unit comes with a set of custom gripping tongs included and a free 106 page SteamVita cookbook. Traditional SteamVita models feature a stainless steel lid.

-- The 2-stack, 16cm unit, cooks for 1 to 3 people and is the most compact SteamVita unit.
-- The SteamVita 3-stack 16cm unit cooks for 1 to 6 people and is the most popular SteamVita unit.
-- The SteamVita 5-stack 16cm unit cooks for 1 to 12 people.  It is the largest SteamVita unit.

The 2 Stack and 3 Stack SteamVita Steamers are very compact and are smaller than the length and width of a piece of standard size typing paper making them perfect survival stove or recreational gourmet steamer.

SteamVita Specifications:

SteamVita 2 Stack:  6.5" diameter, 7" tall, 1 lb weight, 1 to 3 people (personal size)
SteamVita 3 Stack:  6.5" diameter, 10" tall, 1.3 lbs weight, 1 to 6 people (family size) MOST POPULAR
SteamVita 5 Stack:  6.5" diameter, 16" tall, 1.9 lbs weight, 1 to 12 people (group size)

Note:  SteamVita weights include product packaging, so actual weight will be less.  The 2 Stack and 3 Stack SteamVita have smaller lengh and width dimesions than a standard size piece of paper.  In other words, they are very compact.

SteamVita Food Steaming System
SteamVita Food Steaming System
SteamVita Food Steaming System