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Survival Kit Medical Kit Aspirin

Medical Kit Refills - Medique Aspirin 325 mg

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Aspirin 250/2 pk Medique Aspirin provides relief of minor headache, neuralgia, minor muscular aches and provides effective relief as a pain releiver and fever reducer. Medique Aspirin Medical Kit Refills compares to Bayer® Aspirin. Each tablet contains 325mg of Asprin. One of the most difficult tasks in being prepared is making sure that your survival kit or medical kit is replensished with up to date medicines. The proper survival medicine can make a bad situation into just an inconvenient one and keeping yourself heathly and free of pain can make the difference between life and death when times get rough. That is why we offer up to date, high quality medicine kit refills here in an effort to make your job easier. If you are intersted in an assortment of our most popular medicines and bandages grouped with a medical or first aid kit replenishment in mind, take a look at our MedPack and WoundPack Medical Kit refills!