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Stansport Survival Water Carrier

Survival Water Carrier - Stansport

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This Collapsible 2 Gallon Water Bag is perfect for survival applications as well as pure recreation. It features heavy duty PVC construction and sealing key closure to avoid spilling and a handle.

This compact survival water carrier is perfect for survival kits as it folds flat when not in use and can be stored in your pocket if you find the need to search out water during a survival situation. The Stansport Water Bag is ideal for short term storage of water.

This Emergency Water Carrier is different than most collapsible water containers as it truly does fold into a small area. Most emergency survival water containers collapse their width, but not their height in an accordion style due to the ridged plastic used. This does not allow them to be stored in a survival kit or bag like the Stansport 2 Gallon Collapsible Water Bag.

However, due to the wide ranging flexibility of the Stansport 2 Gallon Water Bag, it can be stored almost anywhere when empty.

The dimensions of the outer packaging is approximately 9.5" x 1" x 6" and it weighs about 3.2 oz. However, when you remove the water bag from the packaging, the water bag is folded to 6.25" x 4.75" x 1" with a weight of 2.5 oz.