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Waterproof Match Case

Best Glide ASE Waterproof Match Holder

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A Waterproof Match Case is a necessity for every survival kit. What good are matches if you cannot keep them dry and undamaged? Even waterproof matches need to be stored in a container that will hold together in harsh weather. Your matches will stay dry in this waterproof plastic case. A watertight seal makes it especially effective at keeping moisture out. This Waterproof Match Holder is designed for regular matches that you wish to keep dry. This holder is not appropriate for NATO Survival Matches as they require a special striker. However, our NATO Survival Matches come in their own water tight match holder. We recommend you use either strike anywhere matches or include the striker in the waterproof match case. * Made of light, durable plastic * Bottom of case has a fire-starter flint * Bright orange color * Compact size