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Wilderness Guardian Emergency Survival Kit
Best Glide ASE Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit
Best Glide ASE Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit

Best Glide ASE Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit

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The Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit is the third best equipped kit in the Best Glide Wilderness Series of Wilderness Survival Kits. It includes a large selection of high-quality survival equipment, much of which is NATO or US Government Approved. Many of these items are actual military issue.

The Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit is much more comprehensive than the Wilderness Trekker and moderately better equipped than the Wilderness Companion Survival Kit. The Wilderness Guardian is one step below the Wilderness Survivor Survival Kit, our best stocked kit.

The Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit is housed in the Best Glide Medium Survival Kit Bag which includes one central compartment. This compartment measures 6" x 7" x 14.5", thus giving you an adequate 609 cubic inches of storage space. It is constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura with a 3/4 oz water repellent backing, YKK self-healing zippers and D Rings for a shoulder strap if desired. It utilizes reinforced seams, Mil Spec webbing and Mil Spec hardware.

This is one tough, yet light bag. Best of all, this bag is Made in the USA!

This is the second most equipped kit in our Wilderness Line of Survival Kits. However, if you would like some modifications made, just let us know.  

Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit contents:

Food and Water

  • Mainstay 2400 Food Ration - USCG (2)
  • Mainstay Survival Water Ration - USCG (4)

Food Gathering

  • Best Glide Basic Emergency Fishing Kit
  • Katadyn Water Purification Tabs - EPA (20)
  • Brass Snare Wire (50 Ft Length)
  • 2 Gal Water Carrier Flat Coffee Filters - Cone Style (3)

Information and Training

  • Ultimate Survival Guide - Wiseman

Signaling and Navigation

  • Compact Signal Mirror
  • Brunton Star Baseplate Compass
  • Rapid Rescue NATO Survival Whistle
  • Adventurer Emergency Signal Panel

Warmth and Shelter

  • All Weather Matches - NATO Approved
  • Best Glide Fresnel Lens Fire Starter
  • Heat Sheet Survival Blanket or similar
  • Compact Fire Flint
  • Best Glide ASE Fire Starter Tabs (20)
  • Best Glide Matches

Tools and Sharps

  • Adventurer Pocket Camper Survival Tool Spiral Wire Pocket Saw - Made in USA
  • P-51 Can Opener
  • Military Issue Folding Utility Knife (Orange) - NSN

Flashlights and Illumination

  • 12 Hour Cyalume Light Stick
  • 30 Min High Intensity Cyalume Light Stick
  • Photon Freedom Micro Light

Medical and Protection

  • Adventurer Mosquito Head Nets (2)
  • Emergency Bandage (Civilian)

Best Glide Expanded Medical Kit 

  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment (5)
  • Diotame-Antacid 262 mg tablet, 2 pack (2)
  • Diamode Diarrhea Relief 2mg (2)
  • Diphen Antihistamine 25 mg (5)
  • Non-Aspirin, 2 Packs (5)
  • Aspirin, 2 Packs (5)
  • Electrolyte Tablets, 2 Packs (5)
  • Sunscreen, SPF 30, 1.5 gm Foil Packs (5)
  • Sting Relief Towlettes Individual Packs (3)
  • Band Aids, 1" x 3", Plastic Latex Free (20)
  • Gauze, 1" x 4.1 yds (2)
  • Steri-Strip/Butterfly Bandages (5)
  • Triangular Bandage (1)
  • Moleskin (6" x 6") (1) 
  • Gauze Pads, 4 x 4 (5)
  • Multi Trauma Dressing, 12" x 30" (1)
  • Heavy Zip Lock Bag (1)


  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil (1.5' x 4')
  • Adventurer Sewing and Repair Kit
  • 50ft MilSpec 550 Paracord - NSN
  • Rite in the Rain Journal Notebook
  • Best Glide Pencil

Bags and containers

  • Best Glide ASE Survival Bag (Medium)
  • MilSpec Construction Silica Gel Desiccant (3)
  • 9 x 6 Aloksak - US Navy Approved (3)

Note: Minor substitutions sometimes made due to product availability.

Best Glide ASE Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit