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Black Delta Stormproof Lighter
Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter - Orange
Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter - Black
Delta Stormproof Lighter
Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter - Orange

Delta Stormproof Lighter

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By adding a tough elastomer armor, Windmill created the Delta Shockproof Storm Lighter Series. The Delta Stormproof Lighter, now made by UST Brands,  includes the most important storm proof qualities plus incredible impact resistance for the most demanding conditions and most difficult outdoor challenges.

The Delta Stormproof Lighter features an over sized fuel window for quick, easy checks on fuel status and a stainless steel wire closure to keep your Delta watertight even if it falls from your pack or pocket. Fuel capacity allows for approx. 300 ignitions at 3-5 seconds each.

Delta Stormproof Lighter Features:

* Windproof Flame
* Piezoelectric Ignition Technology
* Water Resistant Rubber O-Ring Seals
* Flame Window
* Refillable Butane Gas Fuel
* Performs in Extreme Conditions
* Butane - The Best Choice

All Windproof Lighters Are Not Created Equal.  The Delta Stormproof Lighter, formerly Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter, has earned the right to be called Stormproof®. While other lighters may claim some wind resistance, none can match the UST Delta or UST Trekker Stormproof Lighter performance.

A. Windproof Flame

While many lighters claim to be windproof lighters, UST Delta and Trekker  lighters can withstand 70-80 mile per hour winds. The platinum (white gold) catalyzer coil provides continuous ignition of the gas vapors creating a clean, hot flame nearly invisible in outdoor bright light.

B. Piezoelectric Ignition Technology

The piezo-electric ignition system eliminates the need for batteries or flints which fail when wet. Piezo is a mechanical system which produces a spark when the lighter ignition is pressed. Independent laboratory tests have found the piezoelectric system to be good for over 30,000 ignitions.

C. Water Resistant Rubber O-Ring Seals

UST Delta Stormproof and Trekker Stormproof lighters have five rubber O-ring seals to ensure water resistance and keep water out when the lighter cap is closed.

D. Flame Window

A ceramic flame window located on the side of the burner unit of the Lighter glows a bright, white color when the lighter is ignited.

E. Refillable Butane Gas Fuel

Refill the Stormproof Lighter easily in just a few seconds with economical, clean burning butane gas. Fuel cans are readily available at most grocery, drug and convenience stores. Burn time of the Delta Lighter is approximately 300 ignitions at 3-5 seconds duration (over 30 minutes).

F. Performs In Extreme Environments

UST Delta and Trekker Stormproof lighters will work in extremely low temperatures (-40 degrees F.) if the lighter is kept above freezing. Simply storing the windproof lighter in an inside pocket will accomplish this. These lighters are optimized for use up to 9,000', but have been used as high as 15,000' by adjusting the flame to a lower setting to maximize oxygen content.

G. Butane - The Best Choice Butane gas is the cleanest and hottest burning fuel available for outdoor lighters. Delta Stormproof Lighters burn at nearly 2,000° F. Butane gas is very economical and widely available in most grocery, drug and convenience stores. Butane gas is also odorless and extremely easy to re-fill while liquid oil fuel used in other lighters burns at a lower temperature, has a strong odor, and is noxious to the skin if spilled during re-filling. PREMIUM BUTANE GAS will provide superior performance in your Stormproof Lighter.

Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter - Orange
Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter - Black
Delta Stormproof Lighter