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X-Light Micro Led Light
X Light Micro LED Light
X Light Micro LED Light
X Light Micro LED Light
X Light Micro LED Light

X Light Micro LED Light

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The Photon X-Light Micro is our lowest priced feature packed personal flashlight.

The Photon X Light Micro Light, like the Photon Freedom Micro Light, has innovative full range adjustable brightness. Unlike other micro lights, the X-Light Micro Light has adjustable intensity with the simple press of a button. All it takes is a simple squeeze of the button to give you instant full power illumination at any time. To dim the Photon Micro Light, simply press and hold the button.

The Photon X Light Micro Light is truly an easy-to-use, powerful, full-featured micro light, is nearly indestructible and is backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry. The Photon X-Light Micro Light is simply one of the best micro-lights available, at any price. Photon Micro-Lights, including the low priced Photon X-Light Micro Light, are approximately the size and weight of a US quarter. The Photon X-Light Micro Light, and all Photon Micro Lights, feature the brightest LEDs in the world and smart-circuitry. The all new Photon X-Light Micro Personal Safety Flashlight is big on features but low on price! New processes in manufacturing have allowed LRI to produce the Photon X-Light Micro Light at the lowest possible price. In turn, Best Glide A.S.E. has passed along these additional cost-savings, making the Photon X-Light Micro our most feature packed personal flashlight on the market for the lowest possible price.

More photon x-light microlight features:

  • Smart Circuit Freedom Technology in the Photon X Light Micro
  • Electronic, instant full power on/off at any time
  • Full range adjustable X Light Micro brightness control
  • 5 Safety beacons: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS - Morse Code. - Signal / Morse Code mode
  • Ultra Bright Light Emitting Diode
  • The X-Light Micro Light is Visible for over 1 mile
  • Single Button Operation
  • Button Glows in the Dark
  • Quick Release Ring - Photon X-Light reliably attaches to gear
  • Tough Polycarbonate Case
  • 24 kt Gold Plated Contacts
  • Easy Battery Replacement
  • Energizer Lithium batteries provide long lasting service
  • Batteries -- Lithium, two CR2016 or one CR2032 - depends on LED color
  • 12+ hour battery life in the Photon X-Light Micro Light!
  • Micro Size - weighs under 8oz without ring
  • Made in USA - from USA
  • Guaranteed If your Freedom Micro Light ever fails for any reason, other than abuse or battery expiration, return it for a free repair or replacement.
X Light Micro LED Light
X Light Micro LED Light
X Light Micro LED Light