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Best Glide Survival Fishing Kits Review

By Christopher Fisher

My grandfather served as an infantry NCO in the Pacific Theater during WW2. He fought on Guadalcanal (when the Army moved in to relieve the Marines), and on other Pacific islands, culminating in taking part in the liberation of the Philippines. One of the articles of gear that he often spoke highly of was a survival fishing kit that he had traded for from a pilot.

As a boy, he'd often remark how he wished that he had something like it, as fresh fish was apparently much tastier than the issued field rations. As my grandfather described...

Survival Knives 101

By J. Foster

When one thinks of survival knives, images of Rambo come to mind. Lets look at those knives and see the pros and cons. I will be focusing on single edge fixed blade knives because of the safety and function factors that should be addressed in a survival situation.

Most of these Survival Knives are large, bowie style blades with hollow handles and saws on the spines. Movies like Rambo made them popular and mass production and a cheap price keep them popular. But trust me, there is a reason for the low price tag.

First lets look at...

Assembling the Right Wilderness Emergency Medical Kit

By Yvonne Edwards

Best Glide ASE is proud to offer articles like this one to our customers in an effort to educate the public regarding survival equipment, survival gear and survival education, that will hopefully save lives.

Many people are reluctant to consider the potential that they or a loved may suffer an injury or need emergency medical supplies. While understandable - many people hate to focus on the negative - a lack of planning in this area may have serious and potentially even fatal results. Simply purchasing a basic first aid kit designed for normal household use will pose...

Water Filtering and Purification

By Sean Keener
Wilderness EMT


A.  Giardia Lamblia & Cryptosporidium You can call them giardia and crypto. These two protozoa are the guys you hear about all the time. When found in water, both are oocysts, a dormant phase of some microbes where they take on a hard outer shell. Once ingested, they come to life and attach themselves to your intestine, causing diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Giardia is spread through contaminated feces. An interesting thing about this little guy is that it can be vectored...

What makes good survival equipment?

Recently, we posted the question, "What makes good survival equipment?" at The answers we received were all very good.

We wanted people to know how we choose survival equipment and what makes us decide to carry an item, or simply not offer it to our customers. Since 2002, we have used this philosophy. It has helped us gain the reputation of selling only high quality, no nonsense survival products, survival gear and survival kits.

Q: What makes good survival equipment?

A: Hmm... Compact, low-maintenance, bombproof.

A: Compact is definitely a big deal for me. I started carrying...