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If You Didn't Bring It - You Don't Have It: An Example of Survival Basics

Although stories of extreme survival aren’t unheard of, there are some stories that leave a lasting impression. Stories of ordinary people in dire circumstances strike us the most because they almost always occur in normal situations. Whether it's a young man trapped by a bolder or a couple stranded in the snow with a nursing infant, we often find ourselves wondering why they weren’t more prepared.

For those of us in the survival industry, keeping survival items around is second nature. We realized that some don't take the time to consider all the bad things...

6 Questions to Ask When Buying Survival Equipment

As the survivalist and prepper way of life becomes more popular, the options for survival equipment become more diverse. Amazon alone features over one million results for ‘survival equipment’ and Google produces an impressive 16 million results. When we think of the ideal qualities in survival equipment: simple, effective, low-maintenance, and indestructible is just a...

Survival Equipment Requirements for Alaskan and Canadian Air Travel

As survival and adventure enthusiasts, not too long ago we choose to plan several flights from the southern United States, through Canada, and into Alaska. As we packed our Cessna, we had to make sure we packed for every possible circumstance. Both Alaska and Canada require specific survival equipment before flying in their airspace, according to government regulations. Before our trip we gathered everything, we needed, plus a few extras, but we found ourselves struggling to find exactly what we needed.

Through a great deal of shopping and research we finally...

Life Saved - Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit

Dear Best Glide,

I would like to share my story about how your products save my life.

Months back I ordered one of your Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kits. I carried it everywhere!  Mountain biking, hiking, and everywhere else. I never thought I would have to use it however, I was always taught through the boy scouts and my dad that I needed to be prepared. My friends thought I was crazy for carrying all the extra weight. I do a good bit of solo hiking and just exploring alone. One day...

Survival Basics

By Russ Kolkman

Whether you are out on a short day hike, canoeing, riding your ATV, hunting white tail or making a short flight; survival situations happen, and they can happen quickly. In fact, most survival situations happen to folks who did not expect trouble and therefore, did not plan for it. They often find themselves thinking, “I’m only going to be gone a few hours“. They also fail to tell anyone where they are going. Finally, people more often than not, don’t bring anything with them that would help them out of the jam they find themselves in.