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Practice Survival: Everyday Skills That Can Save Your Life

Practice Survival: Everyday Skills That Can Save Your Life

In Police work, there goes the saying: "Train like you work". Officers use this term to emphasize the importance of familiarizing themselves with their equipment and practicing their skills in every imagined scenario. Police officers experience extremely stressful situations that require quick thought and swift action. Lives have been lost when someone doubts themselves or has to overthink. One of your best lines of defense is knowledge and experience with confidence to back it up!


Practice Builds Muscle Memory


Do I REALLY Need a Bug-Out Bag?

Do I REALLY Need a ‘Bug-Out Bag’?


Yes you do.


Because “Fortune Favors the Prepared”.


I’m shifting my original plans for this topic to the topic of Hurricane Sandy, which is apparently headed for the East Coast and even as I write this, thousands are reviewing the very topic I am speaking of today. Many will have to evacuate (“Bug-Out”) either by choice or forced evacuations. Many will choose to “Shelter / Survive in Place”. Either way, some quick reviews of what basic needs should be found in any Grab-bag of...

Military Surplus - What is Real, What is Not

One of the benefits of being involved in the survival industry is access to military surplus equipment. Military surplus is a wide-open market with items in various condition that could be from any decade. This can mean anything from an ammo pouch mixed in with hundreds of canteens to canvas gear bags filled with tiny Tabasco bottles. The vast majority of the items we receive are related to the items we carry. And then, there are the knock-offs.

The survival industry offers an impressive variety of items to choose from. So much so, it...

“That Won’t Happen to Me”: A Customer’s Tale of Preparedness

The phrase “That Won’t Happen to Me!” is used all too often. In actuality, disaster could be around any corner and can affect anyone at any time. Many of our survival products are purchased under the premise of “just in case”, but we realize few imagine what they would do if it did happen to them.

Every once in a while, we hear from someone who considered the bad things that could happen and acted on commonsense, using the right equipment at the right time.  With his permission, here is the unsolicited account of Stephen H....

If You Didn't Bring It - You Don't Have It - Part II

If you have read the newspaper or Internet news sites this week, you may have caught the story of the two fishermen in Alaska who had quite an adventure. It seems that they were in their fishing boat miles offshore when they experienced hydraulic failure (I love boats but have a limited knowledge of some of their systems - I assume the hydraulics control the rudder and also the planing / pitch of the lower unit) and, were also dealing with eight-foot waves.

Well, they were twisted around and the bow of the boat...