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Cowboy Survival: Using Old-fashioned Practices to Understand Survival Basics

Not too long ago, I re-read one of my favorite books - "The Adventures of Bigfoot Wallace". This book, published in 1871, tells the life stories of William "Bigfoot" Wallace. An occasional Texas Ranger and surveyor, Bigfoot Wallace famously survived captivity in Mexico City before returning to Texas. He spent the remainder of his life hunting, scouting, and living off the land until he died at the age of 77. The book itself is full of in-depth stories of a frontier hero adjusting to life following a devastating war. Each tale offers insight and knowledge...

Take Care of Your Hands: Avoiding Bites, Stings, and Injuries

In previous blogs, we discussed the importance of washing your hands at every opportunity to protect yourself from illness. This time, we touch on the subject of watching where you put your hands and how to prevent serious injury. Anyone that grows up in areas near the outdoors knows there's always an ample supply of plants and critters seemingly determined to either poison or bite. Whether it is spiders, cactus, scorpions, ants, bees, wasps, or snakes, there are countless creatures more than ready to sting, stab, and stick you.

Having been exposed to all...

Wash Your Hands Before and After Everything!

Wash Your Hands Before and After Everything!

When it comes to basic survival, all the preparation in the world means nothing when basic hygiene isn't considered. Whether you are planning a camping trip or preparing for disaster, everything can go wrong if you exposure yourself to illness or injury. All it takes is one sip of contaminated water to create a great deal of misery that could render you helpless.


Everyday Solutions

  • Consider placing small bottles of hand sanitizer in your car, backpack, camping kit, etc. Having them everywhere means...

Survival Accessories: How Paracord and Duct Tape Can Save Lives

There are a lot of opinions out there about ideal survival equipment and what exactly everyone needs in a disaster. Regardless of preference, every survival kit is made of the same essentials: fire, shelter, water, signaling, and food gathering. Many kits include basic items for these needs yet there are some survival accessories that can make things a lot easier. Few consider duct tape or paracord to be a survival essential despite both items having infinite uses!



Surprisingly, few companies sell military-grade paracord. Although paracord is available on survival websites, few feature paracord...

Preparing for Disaster: Dealing with Man-Made Disasters

Whenever we turn on the news, there always seems to be a disaster or emergency that could've been prevented. Mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and environmental disasters are just a few examples of incidents that have become commonplace in modern times. When these moments happen, the whole world stops to watch and wonder yet many miss the larger point. How can we prepare for such an emergency?

The answer is always subjective as there are different levels of preparation depending on the scenario. The everyday person has little control in preventing these tragedies, but they...