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Signal Panel Marker VS-17

The VS-17 Marker Panel is the Signal panel that is used by the U.S. Military and Militaries around the world. The VS17 Panel Marker is attached to tanks, trucks, rucksacks and just about anything that needs to be identified from the air, to include those in need of rescue. The VS17 Signal Panel, or Signal Panel Marker, is often laid out on the ground to identify troop positions to friendly aircraft, or to identify where help is needed.  A conspicuity panel like this one is required equipment during small aircraft flights into Canada because it is a good form of daytime signaling when search aircraft are in use.

The VS-17 CIV Emergency Signal Panel is constructed of high quality compoenents, some of which are higher quality than the original VS-17 GVX.  Because of this, the VS-17 CIV (Adventurer Series) is already in use by units of the U.S. Military and other Government Agencies.  The Compact Emergency Panel is a smaller and lighter weight alternative when space is at a premium.

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