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Over Water Operations

Water Survival, caused by incidents while engaged in Over Water Operations, are some of the most publicized types of survival.  So you are on the water, or flying over it, and want to be prepared. A survival kit is a must have, but there are some items you need to supplement that kit with. You most likely already have a life preserver. If not, get one. Again, don’t get fancy. Get a good one that is USCG approved and will keep you afloat even if you are unconscious. Have a first aid kit. Water and survival food is a huge plus and a way to signal is very helpful. For daytime signaling, we recommend dye markers, like the Orion Dye Marker. For night time, we highly recommend a good strobe light, approved by the USCG. Though there are many other items we would want to have, these are a few of the basic overwater survival items.

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