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Survival Kits

Survival Kits come in many styles designed to be useful in various environments and numerous survival situations. Survival kits can be designed to keep you safe in the wilderness or in a disaster.  They can be supplied to assist you in a marine environment or a desert climate.  However, one thing is common to all quality survival kits. They must include survival kit items that are durable, dependable and useful. This is why Best Glide ASE is a chosen survival kit supplier to numerous divisions of the U.S. Government, to include Federal Law Enforcement, the U.S. Military and countless organizations worldwide.

If you are looking for compact survival kits, take a look at our Adventurer Series Survival Kits.  For much more comprehensive kits, some of which are U.S. Government Issue, take a look at our Wilderness Series Survival Kits.  For survival kits specific to food gathering, take a look at our Emergency Survival Fishing Kits

Best Glide Wilderness Survival Kits Emergency Survival Fishing Kits Compact Survival Kits Government Issue Survival Kits

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